LightBlue Environmental Consulting

LightBlue Environmental Consulting is a for-profit social enterprise founded in 2012 with the vision to reconcile business excellence and sustainability.

LightBlue's team has spent 8 years developing unique skills, technologies, and methodologies to minimize food waste for international hotel groups (Marriott, Hyatt, Accor), government agencies (TCEB), international organizations (Michelin Guide Thailand, WWF, GIZ Laos), and restaurant groups (Cofoco) in 8 countries.

Location: Worldwide

Ruweyda Stillhart

Ruweyda is a sustainability consultant who discovered the field of Environmental Sciences at the University of Lausanne. After spending a year abroad finishing up her Bachelor’s degree at University College Dublin, she then went on to the University of Edinburgh where she completed her MSc in Carbon Management, with research focused on Life Cycle Assessments. Passionate about sustainability and reducing all types of waste, Ruweyda is very happy to have undertaken the course to become an accredited consultant for The PLEDGE™ on Food waste and is looking forward to working directly with companies and organizations on this topic

United Kingdom (London)

Joséphine Courtois

Prior to becoming a sustainability consultant, Joséphine worked for WWF France in the Corporate Engagement Department sparking her interest in waste, energy and circular economy. She decided to deepen her understanding of sustainable consumption and production by undertaking a Master’s in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. Joséphine then worked for UNEP in the Life Cycle Initiative, promoting the use of Life Cycle Assessment to companies, universities and governments. She is very proud to have become an accredited consultant for the Pledge on Food Waste as it is one step forward towards her goal of becoming an expert on sustainable consumption and production of resources.

United Kingdom (London)




Marco Meloni

Marco is a consultant at Sofies, a circular economy and sustainability project management firm. He has a background in Industrial Ecology and Biological Sciences. Prior to joining Sofies, he worked with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, helping shape its Food initiative. Marco is passionate about the food system, and in particular, helping organizations on the ground to cut food waste and benefit from it, and believes The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is the best way to achieve this.

Italy (Rome)

Benoit Liegey

Ben is the co-founder and director of Rethink2Gether, a sustainability consulting company based in Vancouver. Rethink2gether’s vision is to create a world where avoidable food waste no longer exists. Ben's expertise lies in food waste prevention, climate change, and sustainable business models. He has a proven ability to adopt a systematic approach and maximize benefits for his clients. With over 8 years' experience consulting organizations throughout the food supply chain, he is also an executive MBA candidate. The PLEDGE™ has a great consultant in him for all clients in Canada.

Canada (Vancouver)

Pierre Schulz

Pierre has worked in food waste prevention consulting and specifically on the development of The PLEDGE™, thus he can successfully drive an organization through the implantation of this food waste program. He is passionate about sustainability and circular economics. Pierre thinks small changes matter as well as participating in moving the big picture in the right direction. He advocates for a different vision on global waste and how we should see it as an opportunity to become more efficient.

France (Paris)

Cécilia Razafinirinamaharavo

Cécilia is a solo entrepreneur, based in France. She has a background in law, political science, and a Master's degree in Climate Change Adaptation. She has an interest in food waste and the circular economy. She is currently working on waste management projects in Africa and Latin America to improve waste management systems in a low-income community. Looking forward to supporting businesses to achieve their goal Zero Food  Waste into Landfill."

France (Paris)

Marcel Hendrickx

Spain (Gran Canaria) & Belgium

Marcel is an experienced hospitality professional with over 30 years of experience in managing events and hotel operations in Europe and West Africa. More recently he leads a team of Risk and Safety Managers in several European destinations for a leading UK Tour Operator, supporting hoteliers to meet strict health and safety standards. Having successfully achieved Travelife GOLD awards consistently during his hotel management career, Marcel trained as a Travelife auditor and continues to champion sustainability in hospitality. He now compliments this experience as a certified consultant for The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste and looks forward to supporting businesses in the HORECA sector on their journey to achieving The PLEDGE™ certification.

Lauren Kharouni

Thailand (Bangkok)

Business strategy and management are at the heart of Lauren’s education and she chose sustainability as an area of expertise. Lauren was a consultant for 5 years for sustainability and innovation consulting firms, working on reputation risk management and stakeholder engagement. Appalled at the waste footprint of tourism, she joined LightBlue as Operations and Strategy Senior Manager and supports hotels and restaurants to cut on food waste. Lauren is also a certified sustainable tourism auditor.

Claudine Nagiah

Claudine is a consultant, researcher, and project manager with 15-year international experience in natural resource management, sustainability, and climate change. She supports hotels, tour operators, tourist attractions, schools, and other organizations, to monitor and manage their environmental footprint and implement systems and strategies to improve energy and water efficiency and reduce waste. 

Thailand (Phuket)

Danielle Todd

Danielle is the founder and director of Detroit-based Make Food Not Waste. Founded in 2017, Make Food Not Waste helps businesses and individuals gain the skills needed to prevent sending food to landfills. Danielle built the organization on the premise that wasting food is not only fundamentally avoidable but is also relatively straightforward. Through partnerships with local and national organizations, Make Food Not Waste supports a variety of prevention, recovery, and diversion efforts to help build a waste-free future.

USA (Michigan)

Marion Merveilleux

After nearly 15 years in the tourism industry until being a travel agency owner, Marion has decided to change her approach and work on more global issues in which tourism has a role to play. With a course in geopolitics, the study of the carbon footprint method, and a circular economy course, she has been drawn to food waste tackling hoping to support tourism entities in their waste reduction approach.

France (Paris)

Jespher Millano

Philippines (Manila)

Jespher has been working in the culinary scene for more than 3 years by working his way up from being an apprentice of a Michelin Starred Restaurant by Alain Ducasse, Le Jules Verne at the heart of the Eiffel Tower to a 5-star hotel in the living and bustling city of New Orleans. After graduating from his master's degree at Institut Paul Bocuse, he went back to his home country in the Philippines to work as a culinary instructor and sous chef of a hotel and hospitality school hybrid. Seeing the way how food waste is becoming more and more of an issue, he now works with The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste as a Global Coordinator and Accredited Consultant to help join the fight against food waste.

Joel Tomas

Hong Kong

With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Joel joined Grassroots in spring of 2018 as Operations Manager. His role includes expanding the company’s operational development to meet more rigid sustainability practices, and extending those same practices to GI’s consultancy projects. With ZFPA, his role includes mobilizing the restaurant industry and allies in the public and private sectors to support healthy soil as a solution to the climate crisis. He is currently completing a Bachelor in Health Science, majoring in Public Health & Global Sustainability from Western Sydney University.

Aline van der Meulen

Sri Lanka

Originally from , Aline swapped windmills and cheese for the temples and mountains of Laos and lately, she made a move to Sri Lanka. Aline likes to use her 25 years of experience in tourism as an upbeat strength for people, profit and the planet.

In various positions, she assists hotels and tour operators to manage their social and environmental impacts and communicate their sustainability achievements to customers. As an accredited consultant for the Pledge, she is ready to accommodate businesses in Sri Lanka and The Maldives to tackle issues on food waste.

Angela Njehia


Angela is a founding member and director of Tierranjani Africa, a sustainable tourism development firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has 14 years of experience in tourism and in her work, she focuses on building capacity for tourism organizations through systemic solutions, training, and coaching, developing strategies and policies. Her expertise is in product development, business strategies, marketing, and sustainability in tourism operations. Since crossing over from tourism operations into tourism development, Angela has worked with various development agencies in implementing sustainability projects across Africa thus promoting sustainable development through tourism. Angela is also a Travelife for Tour Operators coach and auditor.

Elizabeth Yorke

As a professionally trained chef and food researcher, Elizabeth looks for opportunities to use her culinary skills and knowledge in sustainable food systems to create better educational experiences for both consumers and creators of food via the circular economy. She is also the co-founder of Edible Issues, a collective that fosters thought and conversation on the Indian food system.


Rebecca Espitalier


Rebecca is the co-founder and Managing Director of , a social enterprise created in Mauritius to save food to empower people and protect the planet. After her studies abroad in the University of St Andrews in Scotland and in Sciences Po in Paris in international development and social business, Rebecca came back home with an urge to solve the social and environmental issues her country faced. Being certified as an accredited consultant will enable FoodWise’s team to extend their offer to food companies to help them reduce their food waste.

Zainal Kareemun

Zainal is currently the Currently Head of Operations at FoodWise Mauritius Ltd, she is a young professional with 10+ years of extensive and wide range of working experiences with the United Nations (UN), Non-Governmental Organisations and private companies. Holding a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Agriculture, she is passionate about agriculture, food security, sustainability and reducing food waste. Proactive and dynamic, Zainal is enthusiastic to guide companies in reducing food waste to the highest professional standard.


Aurelia Desmarais

Aurelia holds a degree in Business Management with Law, and she is passionate about saving food, empowering people and protecting our planet to live in a better world. This will to solve global issues led her to FoodWise Team. She is already collaborating with several hotels and restaurants to redistribute their surplus to NGO's helping needy families. However, they want to go a step further and offer their partners the opportunity to reduce their waste from production and save cost!



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