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The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste as an educational tool

In times of disruption and climate breakdown, we decided to accelerate change, disrupt our business model and do something very special: to make The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste system an OPEN SOURCE for academic projects.

2 Options are available

Option 1:

The PLEDGE™ as an Academic Resource

Option 2:

The PLEDGE™ for Hands-on Projects

What are the benefits?

For Lecturers: Gain access to one of the most advanced and holistic food waste prevention systems, and its associated tool. You will have the opportunity to test it live and collect 1st hand data through students projects.

For Students: They get involved in practical projects that mix a robust approach with hands-on activities related to food waste prevention. Taking part will equip them with relevant skills and experience to help prepare them for the job market.

For Restaurants/Canteens: They will cut their costs, while building a great story to share to increase loyalty and win new customers (Option 2 only).

For Universities: A way to showcase efforts to cut on food waste, and get benchmarked against other campuses, while gaining a recruiting advantage with the growing cohort of environmentally-conscious applicants.

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